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Saturday Support Groups

Montecatini with ANAD

Time: Every Saturday 10-11am PST | 11am-12pm MST | 12-1pm CST | 1-2pm EST

Link: meeting ID: 820 395 8037

Description: Group is for those struggling with and recovering from eating disorders. 

Our ANAD meetings are free and open to women at any stage of recovery No RSVP necessary

Cost: Free

On Solid Ground Recovery Group

Time: 2nd and 4th Saturday 9-10am PST | 10-11am MST | 11am-12pm CST | 1-2pm EST

To register: please contact us via phone or email (303) 322-3373 Email: )

Description: This support group is ideal for individuals at least 18 years old who are in stable recovery, but desire a forum to discuss how the very temperament and intricate personality traits that aligned with their eating disorders sometimes continue to create new challenges in life.  This group requires that participants be in solid recovery and behavior free for a minimum of 2 years.

Cost: Free

LGBTQ+ Online Support Group

Time:1st & 3rd Saturday 9-10am PST | 10-11am MST | 11am-12pm CST | 12-1pm EST

Description: This weekly, virtual support group is free and confidential and is open to anyone LGBTQ+ identified struggling with any type of eating disorder. It is led by Hayden, a CCI Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Ages 14+

Cost: Free

Time: Every Saturday 7-8am PST | 8-9am MST | 9-10am CST | 10-11am EST

Description: Topic meeting

Cost: Free

Time:Every Saturday 9-10:30am PST | 10-11:30am MST | 11-12:30pm CST | 12-1:30pm EST

Scroll to the bottom to fill out consent form

Description: This support group is ideal for individuals 30 years and older that are struggling or in recovery from an eating disorder, disordered eating, or body image concerns.

Cost: Free

Time: Every Saturday 8-9:30am PST | 9-10:30am MST | 10-11:30am CST | 11am-12:30pm EST

Description: Support for individuals experiencing/recovering from eating disorders.

Cost: Free

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