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Friday Support Groups

Eating Recovery Center

Virtual Addictive Behaviors Skills Groups

Time: Every Friday 3-4pm PST | 4-5pm MST | 5-6pm CST | 6-7pm EST

Link: Register online at


Description: The Virtual Addictive Behaviors Skills Groups is an opportunity for alumni and community members to have space to discuss the challenges of navigating multiple diagnoses and how to use skills to reduce urges to use helpful coping mechanisms.18+

Cost: Free

EDA (Eating Disorders Anonymous)

Time: Every Friday 10-11am PST | 11am-12pm MST | 12-1pm CST | 1-2pm EST


Description: Big Book Study

Cost: Free


Time: Every Friday 12-1pm PST | 1-2pm MST | 2-3pm CST | 3-4pm EST


Description: This group is educational in nature and provides participants with an online community in which one can receive support and encouragement from the facilitator as well as peers.

Cost: Free

Eating Disorder Foundation

Adolescent Support Group

Time: Every Friday 4-5pm PST | 5-6pm MST | 6-7pm CST | 7-8pm EST


Scroll to the bottom to fill out consent form

Description: This group is for ages 13-17, addressing body image, self-worth, social media impact, self-care and more. All genders welcome.

Cost: Free

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